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Power Terminal Strip - EZ-TEXT-PWRTERM

EZText Enhanced replacement power terminal strip

Price: $12.00
Ferrite Cores - EZ-TEXT-CORE

EZText Replacement Ferrite Cores

Price: $15.00
D-sub Connector 15-pin Male - EZ-COMCON3

15-pin male D-sub connectors with terminal blocks for connecting RS422 network cable from EZPanel Enhanced or EZText Enhanced

Price: $19.00

D-sub Connector 9-pin Female - EZ-COMCON4

9-pin female D-sub connectors with terminal blocks

Price: $19.00

Multiplexer - EZ-MULTIDROP

Multiplexer for connecting up to 5 EZText panels to one PLC (panel to PLC connection is RS422 only)

Price: $279.00