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Compare EZ iMarquee Master LED Message Display features with Red Lion PFM Series

EZ i Marquee Feature Comparison
Feature EZAutomation
EZ i MarqueeTM EZiMT-4L20C
Red Lion
PFM Series (PFM3212X)
Master/Slave Can be configured as Host or Slave device Requires Data Station Plus (DSPSX000) for Host functionality
Display 4 Lines 20 Characters 3 Lines 20 Characters
LEDs Bright Tri-Color uniformly matched LEDs Tri-Color
Operating Temp. 0 - 60 C 0 - 50 C
Humidity 10 - 95%, Non Condensing 0 - 80%, Non Condensing
Data Logger Built-in (USB or MicroSD Card)
* feature coming soon
Requires upgraded Data Station Plus (DSPSX000 - $1,017)
Communication Built-in PLC/Network protocols Requires Data Station Plus, G3 HMI or Modular Controller Master
Price $2499 $2999 (PFM-3212X) + $1017 (DSPX000) = $4016