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Price Revisions

Dear EZAutomation Valued Customer,

We great appreciate your patronage of EZAutomation for the last 18 years. It all started with EZTouch introduced in 2001 which changed the entire concept of HMIs with beautiful pre-built objects and a $99 software that would let you design your screen in minutes instead of days. Since then we have introduced 38 different product lines. Tens of thousands of you have gratified us by using these products. Thank you!!

We are proud to be the ONLY automation company* that designs and manufactures over 99% of our products in the United States and brings them to you DIRECT FROM FACTORY, cutting out the 50%+ mark-up of a distributor, local or national, like or Maple Systems.

* and Maple Systems on the contrary makes all of its products outside of USA in China.

We do want to let you know that we have held our prices the same for years, sometimes going back as many as 10 years. But starting March 1st 2019 we are revising these prices. For current customers of a particuar part number prices will remain in-tact for another 30 days till April 1st 2019. Please note that some prices have gone up, a lot have remained the same and some particularly using DH+/RIO have gone down drastically.

All of our Products have Exceptionally Innovative Features designed to make your life EZier as a user. The current website is in the process of getting updated to clearly identify these features.

*Some prices may not have gotten updated in litreature. The store prices here are final.

Thank you,
Vikram Kumar