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Tri-Color Indoor (NEMA 12) Comparison

All-in-One Master LED Message Display!

Built-In PLC Protocols, Alarm/Message Database & Local Logic

EZ Marquee
i Marquee Features Connectivity Software Features Model Options
  • Monitor & Display Plant Productivity with No PLC Ladder Logic Change!
  • Communicate Alarm and Safety Messages with Built-in Database
  • Can be used as a Master (Host) or Slave (Client) LED Message Display
  • Import tag database from PLC
  • Display & Store User Programmed Messages based on Event (Tag address) and Time
  • Math Logic / Scripting
  • Most Major PLC Protocols Built-in
  • Different Sizes for Different Applications
  • Display ASCII Input Strings from any device or PLC through serial RS232/422/85 or Ethernet Port
  • Built-in Data Logger (coming soon)
  • Remote Access App (coming soon)
  • Scrolling, Blinking and Stationary Messages
  • Viewing Distance up to 400 ft
  • 140° viewing angles