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(Smart HMI with PLC I/O)
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EZTouchPLC Products

4" TFT Color
Touch I/O
6 TFT Color
Touch I/O
8 TFT Color
Touch I/O
10 TFT Color
Touch I/O
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Fixed I/O System Modular I/O System
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  • PLC
    • I/O Options: Digital (including shaft encoder inputs and PWM outputs), analog, temperature, highspeed counter, program storage
    • Auto-tune PID, 8 independent loops
    • Advanced mathmatical function blocks
    • 3ms Scantime for 1K Instruction
    • RS232 & RS422/485 Ports
    • Ethernet - Expand with remote I/O up to 2048 I/O points
    • ASCII In/Out
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