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EZPLC 6 Slot Base - EZPLC-D-48

6 Slot EZPLC Base (48I/O Max) Standard

Price: $165.00
EZPLC 6 Slot Base - EZPLC-A-48

6 Slot EZPLC Base (48I/O Max) Standard

Price: $188.00
EZPLCP Screw-down 6 Slot Base - EZPLCP-D-48

6 Slot EZPLCP Base (48I/O Max) Standard

Price: $199.00
EZPLCP Screw-down 6 Slot Base - EZPLCP-A-48

6 Slot EZPLCP Base (48I/O Max) Standard

Price: $225.00
EZPLC 6 Slot Base - EZPLC-D-48E

6 Slot EZPLC Base (48I/O Max) Ethernet

Price: $265.00
EZPLC 6 Slot Base - EZPLC-A-48E

6 Slot EZPLC Base (48I/O Max) Ethernet

Price: $288.00
EZPLCP Screw-down 6 Slot Base - EZPLCP-D-48E

6 Slot EZPLCP Base (48I/O Max) Ethernet

Price: $299.00
EZPLCP Screw-down 6 Slot Base - EZPLCP-A-48E

6 Slot EZPLCP Base (48I/O Max) Ethernet

Price: $325.00

EZPLC Features - We Looked at Every Detail

AVG/EZ Automation having been in the Automation industry since 1968, having invented the PLCs and having served the American Automation industry and Fortune 1000 customers since 1968, spared no detail when introducing the EZPLC in Jan, 2005.

Snap in I/O Modules
EZ I/O modules can be easily snapped-in and snapped-out from slots in the PLC base. As compared to fixed I/O PLCs this allows total flexibility in PLC system implementation.

4 In/4 Out Wide variety of Mix-n-Match I/O Modules
EZPLC offers the widest range of 4 In / 4 Out I/O modules. Mix 4 DC IN with 4 AC OUT. This allows the user to design his system efficiently, not wasting unused I/O. This is a very innovative feature of the EZPLC I/O modules allowing DC and AC I/O in the same module. For example you may be using DC proximity switches as inputs but need AC output to control your valves or motor contactors.

I/O status LED Indicator
LED indicators for all digital I/Os are available next to the I/O terminal itself. Power on Green Led indication is available for all Analog Input and Analog Output modules. These LED indicators make it extremely convenient and EZ to trouble shoot field wiring as well as the PLC System.

CPU Status Indicator LEDs
LED status indication is available, for connecting power supply to the PLC. If the battery goes low then battery LED will go RED, if the PLC is running a ladder program CPU LED will go GREEN. LEDs also indicate the various PLC modes such as Run, Program or Run/Program.

Built-In Wiring Guide
EZ I/O has built-in wiring duct for routing the wires. This helps for routing field wiring in neat bundles.

0.5 Amp Short circuit proof DC Outputs
This 2x2x1" ultra compact module has 8 DC outputs rated at 0.5 Amps each that are short circuit proof. You will not find this feature in even world class output modules costing 10 times the $19 price of our EZIO-8DCOP.

EZ to wire phoenix plug-in terminal blocks
EZ to wire removable phoenix terminal blocks, capable of connecting 1 of 14 gauge or 2 of 18 gauge wires or 4 of 12 gauge wires. This allows quick replacement of defective I/O modules without having to remove and reconnect field wires.

EZPLC Plus with Screw-down I/O Modules
For most applications the original snap-in I/O modules have been more than adequate from a shock and vibration point of view. However, some customers have indicated a preference of having the traditional screw-down mechanism of other PLCs and their I/O modules. As a result we decided to tool screw-down versions of all EZSeries PLCs as well as EZI/O. The rest of all functionality remains the same.

The EZSeries PLC Plus with screw-down I/O offers the following advantage:

  • Better shock and vibration immunity
  • Less prone to shipping damage (particularly if the control panel is shipped with I/O upside down)
  • Less likelihood of customer not inserting the module correctly resulting in electronics damage
  • A more positive Locking Mechanism

Note: EZPLC Plus Series has "P" added after the EZPLC. For example EZPLCP-A-32 is Plus model of 32 I/O EZPLC with AC Power and Screw-down modules. Please note that the Plus models have different pricing.

EZPLC has 2 in-built serial communication ports

Port 1 is an RS-232 port that can be connected to EZ Operator Interfaces and is also used for programming the EZPLC. Port 2 is an RS-422/RS-485 port which supports Modbus RTU protocol or ASCII protocol. EZPLC can act as Modbus slave as well as Modbus master. If you want to extend the Input/Output capability of the EZPLC, you can do it through Modbus Master/Slave communication via RS-485/RS-422. This RS-485/RS-422 can be used for networking multiple EZPLC, barcode scanners, power meters, temperature scanner which supports modbus RTU or ASCII. Multiple EZMarquees can be communicated with port 2 RS-485/RS-422 via ASCII.

Snap in Modules