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EZ-8CONV Conversion from STN to TFT Repair
EZ-8CONV Conversion from STN to TFT Repair
Price: $549.00

Product Code: EZ-8CONV

Limited Time Offer - Upgrade your old 8" STN to 8" TFT

Note: 8" STN must be fully functional for upgrade offer to apply

Incredible opportunity to enhance your investment in EZTouch, upgrade to new 8" TFT model for only $499.

All we ask you to do is to send in your 8" STN model, irrespective of date code (could even be in use since 2001) and we will replace the display to TFT and change-out other necessary components to give you a full 2 year warranty.
  • New software which touts 50+ Enhancements
  • Longer Bulb Life (STN: 40,000 hours vs TFT: 54,000 hours)
  • 2x Brighter Display (STN: 140 nits vs TFT: 370 nits)
  • Wider Viewing Angles (retain a sharp, clear picture at every viewing angle)