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Sensible Prices on High Quality Products!

You Don’t Have to be an Asian Importer to Offer Competitive Prices on Automation Products. Here's How We Do It...

Follow the EZSeries Touchpanel model:

When the EZSeries Touchpanel was introduced in January 2001, it was hailed as the most practical PLC Touchpanel on the market. Not only did it offer the easiest to use programming software, this feature rich touchpanel broke all the previous price barriers. It truly offered “twice the features at half the prices”.

This feat was accomplished by designing the panel from the ground up to be manufactured in high quantities. Previous three-board construction of Uticor PGI panels was condensed to a highly integrated single board having the CPU, video driver, power supply as well as the driver electronics all on one board.

AVG has followed the same philosophy in designing the seven new product lines being introduced through EZAutomation. The EZMarquee is a very good example. AVG engineers first reduced the power consumption of the marquee by 2/3rds while maintaining the same luminous intensity. Once that was accomplished, everything else fell in line. Power supplies were reduced by 2/3rds. Heatsinks, metal and massive circuit boards that are found in a typical marquee, were condensed dramatically.

Vertical Integration:

AVG is a vertically integrated American company with in-house capability to manufacture semiconductors, thick film hybrids and printed circuit boards. We use internal transfer costs for components, eliminating mark up after mark up.

Automated Manufacturing:

Typical labor costs in EZAutomation products is less than 8% of the selling price. This is accomplished by using high speed automation in SMT assembly and an in-line production philosophy. Thus, we are able to very effectively compete with Asian manufacturers even with their low labor rates. Freight and duty will offset the impact of higher American wages. Automated manufacturing also results in fewer rejects and higher quality. A product built without requiring any repairs is inherently more reliable.

Flat Management Structure:

At EZAutomation, we do not believe in multiple layers of management and thus run a very lean organization, resulting in reduced overhead costs. We pride ourselves in having management involved in actual "work in the trenches." You will not find our managers sitting around in closed door offices. We invite you to visit our factory in Bettendorf, IA and see the "Iowa farm work ethic" for yourself.

Lower Costs of Marketing and Distrubution without sacrificing Local Customer Support:

Since EZAutomation provides a high degree of stock and technical support to its Value Added Resellers, the cost of distribution is reduced. And no, we do not have highly paid salepersons in their flashy suits or at golf courses. So you are not paying for them.

However, in addition to our “Best in Class Factory Technical Support”, we believe in local service and support. As you can see from our prices, we can categorically state that our total cost of sales, marketing, advertising and local value-added customer support is lower than any direct business model.

Innovative Design and Rigorous Manufacturing Process Controls mean SENSIBLE prices and High Reliability

Product Innovation:

As you will see, we pack the highest processing power per cubic inch. Just look at our EZI/O. It is AVG’s innovation that led to this extremely cost-effective design.

Whether it is silicon, ceramic, plastic or FR4, the cost is generally per square inch or cubic inch. By reducing the size, we not only gain the advantage of offering a space-saving product to our customers, it costs us less, resulting in lower costs to you.

It REALLY IS $19 for 8 of 24 DC, 0.5 Amp short-circuit proof outputs:
In a limited focus group study, we discovered that some of you might be concerned about the quality or reliability of a $19 I/O module once you find out that this is $19 for 8 outputs and not $19 for each output. So we are going to discuss this module in a little more detail.

This $19 module is the result of a highly innovative design. All our designs must also pass our rigorous HALT/HASS tests. This module is no exception.

It was subjected to the following tests:

  1. -40˚C to 125˚C @ 20 G of shock and 4 G of vibration with a temperature gradient of 100˚C/minute
  2. -20˚C to 70˚C @ 10 G of shock and 2.4 G of vibration with power on
  3. NEMA ICS 2-230 showering arc ANSI C37.90a-1974 SWC Level C Chattering Relay Test
  4. Short circuit test at 70˚C
  5. 2500 Volt Optical Isolation.
    This module comes with a removable field wiring terminal block, has an LED indicator for each output and carries our standard 2 year warranty.