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Top 10 reasons why USA made EZTouch outshines China made C-More

Touchpanel Feature Comparisons
Featureeatures EZAutomation
(6" TFT Color w/ Full Features)
Automation Direct
(6" TFT Color w/ Full Features)
Automation Direct
(6" TFT Color w/ Base Features)
Ethernet Port YES YES NO
Serial Ports 2 (RS232/422/485) 3 (RS232/422/485) 1 (RS232/422/485)
Dual PLC Driver Communication YES NO NO
Scripting/Logic Expressions YES NO NO
Backlight Average Lifetime 75,000 Hrs @ 0-55 C 50,000 Hrs @ 25 C
* see note below
50,000 Hrs @ 25 C
* see note below
On-Line Editing YES, no downtime what so ever to make a change! NO NO
Remote Data Logging YES, View and transfer data trends over Ethernet Limited Remote Access App Limited Remote Access App
Manufacturer Made in America Made in China Made in China

4 Years

2 Years 2 Years
Price $499 $699 $499

* As per C-More spec, the backlight average lifetime is defined as the average usage time it takes before the brightness becomes 50% of the initial brightness. The life time of the backlight depends on the ambient temerature. The lifetime will decrease under low or high temperature usage.

Note with EZTouch true White LED backlight, the backlight life does NOT diminish due to temperature variations!