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Same Day ShippingSame Day Shipping For Orders Received by 7:00 pm CST

Applicable to All Phone, Fax, Email or On-line Orders

Shipping Carriers
Standard delivery is via UPS Ground. If you would like to use a carrier other than UPS, please indicate which carrier you prefer on your order and specify the shipment method you wish to use (options shown below). Prepaid freight charges will be added to the invoices. Our available carriers are FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Shipment Methods
Ground delivery time is based on how far away your location is in relation to Bettendorf, IA. Faster deliveries are available with the following options:

• Next Day Air • Two Day Air • Three Day Air • Early AM • Saturday

Shipping Orders
As a general rule of thumb; all received orders that are ground or next day and come in before our shipping deadline of 7:15 p.m. CST, will be shipped on the same business day. Any orders received after the shipping deadline will be shipped out the following business day. Any new customers wishing to open a credit account with us will need to allow up to two working business days for credit verification. Existing EZSeries Touchpanel customers can obtain open credit the same day.

In order to take advantage of our same-day shipping guarantee, your order must be paid by credit card or you must have an open credit account with our company that is current and in good standing. If your payment by credit card is declined, your open credit account with our company is past due, or your order amount exceeds your credit limit, there is the possibility that your order may be delayed.

Since it is our policy to ship all of our goods FOB Bettendorf, IA, the risk of loss transfers to you once we deliver the goods to the carrier of your choice. To ensure against potential loss or unusual damage to your order, particularly for larger products such as EZMarquees, you have the option to purchase insurance at your expense. If you are interested in purchasing insurance for your shipment, please ask our customer service representative to calculate the cost for you when you are finished placing your order. The cost for the insurance will be added on to your invoice if you decide to purchase it.

Shipment Inquiries
If you believe that your shipment has been delayed or was incomplete upon arrival, please take into consideration the following items before you call to inquire about your order:

Allow a sufficient amount of time for your shipment to arrive. Please be aware that various carriers schedule multiple shipments which may delay your shipments. This pertains particularly to overnight packages. If you have reason to believe that your shipment has indeed been delayed you can track your order on-line by accessing our shipment tracking feature.

  • Air shipments to Canada have the potential to be delayed for a longer period of time due to unforeseen delays originating from customs.
  • It may be beneficial to notify your receiving department of the delayed shipment. There are times when receiving may not have had the opportunity to check the shipment in yet or the shipment is merely waiting in receiving to be delivered to the designated party.
  • Please be sure to complete a thorough inspection of all the packages you receive to ensure that you locate any small items that may be concealed by the packing material.
  • It would be in your best interest to inspect all deliveries immediately upon arrival. Please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of your order for any suspected shortages or discrepancies so that we may resolve the issue in a timely matter.

Shipping and Handling Charges
Shipping charges are calculated based on weight and additional special surcharges if applicable.

Notes on Delivery
Please make note of the following guidelines, restrictions and/or exceptions on delivery times:

• All shipments depend upon stock availability.
• No deliveries are made to P.O. boxes.
• Delivery times are based upon freight carriers’ policies and procedures. We cannot guarantee delivery times.
• Air services may vary by zip code.
• Timely delivery of air shipments to Canada cannot be guaranteed due to potential delays in customs.

Notes on Same-Day Shipping Deadlines
• Same-day shipping only applies to UPS shipments.
• For same-day shipping, place order before 7:15pm CST.
• We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.